FactorChic guarantees all products offered on this website, according to the active laws and the following conditions.

For any warranty issue, please first contact us by mail in: info@factorchic.com with the subject "Warranty" and attach the purchase invoice. No product shipments will be accepted for warranty resolution not previously notified by e-mail and accepted by FactorChic. It is necessary the original product warranty to process any warranty issue.

Shipping costs incurred in the transaction of the guarantee, will be charged to the customer (to receive the product from the client) and to FactorChic (to send the product to the customer again); once verified that the product satisfies the guarantees conditions and time limit. In case the guarantee is not applicable, shipping costs will be charged to the client in both cases (to receive and to send again the product to the client).

Cancellation of warranty:

  • Wrong use or maintenance of a product by the client.
  • In the case of watches: FactorChic will not accept those who have been operated during the warranty period by a technical service that is not the official. For watches, the warranty does not cover the elements such as batteries, old straps, glass breakage and all related to wear and tear ...
  • Damaged products without original packaging or with visible evidence of improper handling will not be accepted.


Guarantee is not applicable in case of damages caused by external events, accidents, or used not in accordance with the products instructions.